Saturday, January 8, 2011

Very First Video Blog!!!!!

ohmahgawd video blog!?!?!

You heard right marauders! Padfoot and Prongs here bringing your our very first...very rough...yet very original VIDEOOOO BLOGGG.

Since we have been masked in darkness for 2 years now, we thought it was time to show you all our mischievous faces and talk about our new obsession


Below you will find our brand new Vlog, hot off the presses. In the brief clip we show off some of the graphic novel titles that have been recommended to us, and a few titles that we have found ourselves. The ones mentioned include:

Death Note - Tsugumi Ohba (technically a manga)
Sandman Series - Neil Gaiman
Watchmen - Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
Sin City - Frank Miller
Mr. Punch - Neil Gaiman, Dave Mckean
The Twilight Zone graphic novels - Mark Kneece

We would love to hear some comments on what other titles to pick up, as well as thoughts on the ones that we already have. WARNING: THE AUDIO IS A BIT OFF.... SORRY WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY

Hope you enjoyed this nice little clip of your favorite marauders.... we hope to bring you lots more (and lots more thought out ones) in the future!!

-mischief DEFINITELY managed -


  1. Ah! Not only do we get to see you, but we get to learn your real names. :D Lovely to meet you both!

    Okay - graphic novel recommendations for you: The PLAIN Janes by Cecil Castelucci. I really think you guys would love it! It's about a group of girls all named Jane who start turning their city into art projects, only they go out at night all commando to do it. :D Seriously awesome GN and it has a sequel called Janes in Love which was also good (though not quite as wonderful). Anyway, I highly recommend it, particularly for you two!

    Lovely vlogging!!

  2. My graphic novel recommendations are:

    1. Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 by Tim Hamilton (it's an adaptation)

    2. La Perdida by Jessica Abel

    3. Maus by Art Spiegelman (not sure on the spelling)

  3. I did a "Quick Read" review of 1 on my blog yesterday -

  4. Try Harlen Ellison's Dream Corridor Special(Dark Horse).
    I am not much of a graphic novel fan, but I find Ellison's short stories very intriguing!
    Cheers to you both on the birth of your very first vlog!!!!

  5. @Amanda - So glad you liked it, and thanks for all of the twitter advice. We will def be using imovie next time! And I put that title in my amazon basket...sounds right up our alley!!! Thanks so much!!

    @Indie - '451' is actually on my list of 52 books for the year!! I've flipped through it already and it looks beautiful... can't wait to draw it!

    @Mystic - Will have to look that up! Thanks so much for the support, hope you enjoyed the video!

  6. Hey girls! Wonderful, a vlog! :)

    First off, I think you will LOVE The Sandman! It's full of Shakespeare references! Speaking of the bard... What happened to the Battle of the Bards, anyway? ;)

    Also, Watchmen has to be my second favorite graphic novel EVAH. The imagery is amazing and, though I don't usually like dystopia-type stuff, I loved this! And I know you guys usually like that stuff, so you'll lurv it.

    As for a recommendation, I'd suggest Joss Whedon's run on the X-Men, "The Astonishing X-Men". You wanna get geeky? This will give you an in to the wonderfulness of the Whedonverse. Joss can do no wrong, in my eyes, and his X-Men are so... real. It's amazing.

    It was nice seeing you! <3

  7. @Gabby - yayyay glad you liked it!! Padfoot already read the first Sandman 'preludes' or whatever and loved it, so I know I will as well. Errr Battle of the Bards...yeaaa....haha. It went the way of my final papers spring quarter.... to day drinking. We will have to finish that ...maybe in marchhhhh haha.

    I will def have to add those titles to my amazon basket. I'm having some serious graphic novel love. I cheated and read half of death note even tho it wasn't the book I drew this week. Sooo good.

  8. I got into manga a little bit a while ago but for Christmas I got the first Sandman volume and I read it last week. It was awesome! I love Gaiman's writing so much so I knew I'd love it!
    I recommend the Scott Pilgrim comics (so much better than the movie!) and a series called Mega Tokyo if you want manga style stuff.
    Cant wait to find out what you think of Sin City as I keep meaning to read that one myself! :D
    Also nice vlog, look forward to some more! :D


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