Saturday, January 15, 2011

Padfoot and Prongs: the story of a bookshelf

Hey there Marauders!

Padfoot and Prongs here bringing you a quick post to make your Saturday a little more literary.
We bring to you the epic tale of Padfoot & Prongs and the Bookshelf: An underdog story.

Once upon a friday, a young Marauder had the idea to organize the intense chaos that has become her books in her apartment. The task seemed insurmountable as books laid scattered in closets, on night stands, even in bathrooms.

However all was not lost for Padfoot and Prongs were Marauders of the best kind, and braved a harrowing trip to Wal-Mart to aid them in their quest of organizing books.

Sadly... all of those readins of books doesn't translate to being able to read assembly directions since this was their result....

Just in case it's hard to see.... yeaa that's the bottom shelf.... upside down. I don't know why they don't mention more things like this happening in epic tales... since I'm sure it probably does.

But alas! An idea was had... a way to transform the bookshelf from a sad ugly duckling... to a beautiful sturdy bookshelf-swan that literary folk from far and wide would envy.

That is when Prong's had the idea to incorperate the 'Postcards from Penguin' that
have been sitting untouched in her quarters for so long.

Thus, for many diligent hours P&P sat toiling away with their scissors and rubber cement, pouring their blood sweat in tears into the final outcome.

Their result..... VICTORY!!

An upside-down bottom shelf was defeated, and Prongs now has a bookshelf that she will no longer be ashamed to show her fellow companions!!

The end....


  1. I want those post cards now! The shelf looks awesome, ladies!

  2. @Robin - They are AMAZING right?!! I've had the set for almost a year and couldn't figure out how to best put them to use. Glad they seem to have found a nice home.

  3. That's awesome! I want some penguin postcards...

  4. @Amanda - Glad you liked it!! Not sure if you saw but where it says 'Penguin Postcards' there is a link to amazon!

  5. I'm glad there was a happy ending to the bookshelf saga! How unique to have the penguin postcards on it. I love it!

  6. That is one awesome bookshelf. Nice work!

  7. @Baby - Thanks!!

    @ Krisit- Yes it was a harrowing journey but we came out ahead in the end!! Glad you like it!!

    @Charley - Thanks so much!! I'm in love with it.

  8. I love this! Innovation at its finest.

  9. @Brenna - Haha thanks! Mess ups are the spark of creativity.

    @Mystic - Thanks so much!! Glad you guys like it!

  10. @tara - thankkkssss. my friend came over this weekend and said 'she thought i bought it that way'!!


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