Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hey there Marauders. Padfoot and Prongs here bringing you a brief post on the latest magical news from J.K. Rowling.
As most of you hopefully know J.K. has launched a new site entitled
but has not released any real details on what is to come.
She also has put up a youtube countdown video letting us all know exactly when this exciting new development will be revealed.

So loyal fans, we want to hear from you. What do you think the big news will be? Here are just some of our speculations:

1. Dumbledore's History: We would love to see a 'prequel' chroincialling Dumbledore's adolescence/adult hood, his friendship and subsequent downfall with Grindelwald and more on his history with younger Voldemort.
2. A spin off with Harry's Children: As we all know from the epilogue, Harry and Ginny are married and have three children. We wouldn't mind re-visiting Hogwarts through the eyes of Harry's children. We can only assume they would all be on adventures with Ron and Hermoine's children as well.
3. Harry Potter from Snape's Point of View: While this seems like the least likely option, Padfoot wouldn't mind seeing the entire series re-told from Snape's perspective. We would get a big insight into the inner workings of the dark side, as well as get to see the entire series through new eyes.

4.) Harry Potter the Musical: Hey you never know.

Those are just some of our musings, but there are thousands of possibilities awaiting us fans. What are you placing your bets on?

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  1. I'm banking on some kind of video game MMO, because the announcement says it's "Better than a book". So I really wish it was a book, especially one of the three you listed, but it's looking more and like it's going to be a video game. That I will probably play.

  2. LOL I loved the spoof musical already. :D I've heard some people speculate on a cartoon series, but I hope that's not it!! I like the idea of a spinoff. Pam was speculating that it might be a series set at the American wizarding school, which would be awesome as well!

  3. @Lu - Wow I really love the video game idea. I have played the HP lego for Wii and while fun I always knew they could do better in general. However I'm not sure that I can ever consider video games to be 'better than a book'.

  4. @Amanda - Right?! The spoof musical is just too perfect. I wouldn't mind if they did an entire Puppet Pals show!! You know I'd be watching every single episode. I'm not sure how I'd feel about a cartoon either. I'd love to see a live-action tv series. Not necessarily about Harry, just the wizarding world in general?

  5. I know we've seen bits of it but I'd quite like a more thorough look at the Marauders' time at Hogwarts.

    I think the MMO or something more along those lines is a more likely prospect though. And I've gotta say, I would be so happy with that - haven't really bothered with the HP games very much, but I did do a lot of text-RPing back in the day...

  6. I don't care what it is! I am so curious! I'm dying of curiosity! JK Rowling must know how much I have missed Harry Potter this summer.

  7. @Simbera - Oh I would LOVEEE to see more of the Marauders. As they are our namesake, that would be right up our alley. I have only played the HP lego games, but I would def. be thrilled about an MMO.

    @Jenny - Right?!?! It feels like Christmas in July!!


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