Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reading is Sexy: 2012 Calendar

'Reading is Sexy' 2010 Calendar?

Hey Marauders! - Since Padfoot and Prongs have sadly had to slow down the printing business for awhile due to location/lack of office... we have been feeling the itch to create.

With the new year coming we were discussing the new calendars we will be purchasing and the lack of variety for literary lovers (Found one of Cats who loves book...not at cool as we hoped it would be).

This sparked the idea for a 'reading is sexy' calendar. You know.. hot men or women on a bearskin rug reading a tattered copy of '1984'? Maybe a photo of Neil Gaiman reading in a bubble bath?

As a completely unbiased 3rd party we want to hear your thoughts? Is this something you would consider buying for the book lover in your life? Would you like a mix of male/female or 2 separate calendars? What would you be willing to pay? We have decided we want about 50% of the proceedes to go to the American Library Association.

We want some feedback before we go full steam ahead with this new project!

Good or bad we want to hear it. You all rock!!!

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  1. A 2012 calendar sounds great! There's the bookrageous calendar already out for 2011 and part of 2012, but since it's only part of the year, a book-themed one for '12 would be wonderful! :)

  2. @Amanda - Yess I saw their calendar awhile back! One of the few literary ones out there.

    We figure we will make a deadline for Oct of 11 to get everything pulled together in time to go on sale for the holiday season.

    Do what do you think about M/F mix? Would it be better to just do an all male since being honest more women would probably be interested in a calendar than males? Or would it be worth it to set up 2?

  3. Your logic on more women being interested in such a product seems to lack evidence. I think it would be advantageous to do some market research before committing to a target audience. N.B. attractive females are often used in advertising for products that target women; the opposite is true for men. So targeting women with a m/f calender makes some degree of sense too.

  4. @ Anon - Well seeing as we haven't done any reserach and just put this idea together 24 hours ago, you are right we are lacking some evidence. But as a reader and someone who is semi-immersed in the literary world, I tend to find that it is young-middle aged women who are more likely to spend money on this time of thing then males.... but that is just speculation.

    Yes we were thinking a m/f mix (maybe focusing on males with female co-models) would be the best route. Thanks for the comment, def. gives us a lot to think about.

  5. I think a m/f mix would be fun! I'd probably pick up one for myself and one to give away on my blog :)

  6. Thanks lady! I think we are leaning towards a mix of m/f with more of a focus on males with female kind of background or secondary models. We can't wait to get started!!

  7. I had problem on what to look first...

    The upside down book was my last to notice :-)

    Good Idea !

  8. I think it's a great idea! I saw that Skepticon did a similar thing a few months ago, and that one was pretty cool. One specifically for lit nerds would be even cooler.

    If it's not too much more wrangling, two calendars would be the best way to go. But I'd probably still buy it if it was an m/f one...just as long as it's not ALL dudes I'm happy with it :p

  9. I think it's a fantastic idea and would buy at least half a dozen if not more. Oh! Plus one for each reviewr on - ok..this is a GREAT idea. And if @wilw is on it...that covers my trekkie friends too. That just might cover Xmas 2011 completely :D

  10. @Simbera - Hmm we did some googling but didn't come up with much originally. Will have to check theirs out! But yes our would be targeted specifically for the literary lovers!

    We would lovee to do 2 calendars. Once we get the ball rolling on this we will see where it takes us! Thanks for the comments!!

    @Anna Lee - Wow thanks so much!!! We can't wait to get started and promise to keep you up on it. And we are fingers quadruple crossed that @wilw will being doing something extra sexy!


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