Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mugs Mugs and more Mugs.

Hey there everyone!
Padfoot and Prongs here with a really quick update about the business! We have officially begun to print our shirts and mugs with the book covers!! Eeee! We are so excited and are already falling in love with the products we have made so far. Just wanted to show those of you who have been so wonderful in displaying interest twords our ideas, that we are getting there step by step. The website (which is being worked on by an amazing guy!) should be done sometime within 2 weeks and you will all have your chance to own your very own Good Books Inc. mugs!

Now remember folks, all of the designs you see are just basic ideas. Some are being finalized, and there are still a few new ones being worked on.
However if there are any ideas you have, quotes, or pictures that you want to be, be sure to let us know so that we can try and get something in the works for you. We would love for nothing more than this to be a creative collaboration between all book lovers, where you can see your favorite books and quotes every morning when you get dressed or have coffee. A nice way to start the day I think.

Until every thing is finished up, be sure to keep checking the GBI Designs tab as well as our Twitter for more by-the-minute updates. Once again, thank you every one for your support and excitment over what we are doing!!!


  1. Yay! I think my coffee and/or hot chocolate will taste fantastic in that AIW mug:o) Anxious!

  2. I love that first mug! I'm holding out for a tshirt though, since I use mugs like 2x per year. Then again, it would sort of be fun to have a literary mug for my readathon in October...hmm... :D

  3. Haha thanks folks! Yes Amanda I think a nice mug would go nicley with the shirt haha. I have been using them every morning and it always makes me smile haha. When is the readathon again? I hope to participate this year, last year I was in NY.

  4. Love the mug idea! Love what you girls are doing! And your 451 Friday was wonderful!!! I just read it ... I've been a bit behind on my blogging due to illness and vacation.

  5. Can't wait to sip my morning coffee from one of these. (Would get a t-shirt as well, but I don't think I've worn one for, err, five years? XD) You're doing a fantastic job!

    And a teeny reminder of a certain wizard's beard, or Peeves quotes. Peeves would be awesome.

  6. How awesome! I look forward to indulging in my favorite addiction in one of those beauties!

  7. Remember I mentioned the "English: Raw and Uncensored" t-shirts I did as part of the Undergraduate English Council in college? I found them on Facebook! They're still on our group's page:

    We decided on the first two, but had to print them on white shirts. I'll be adding the photos to my blog in case you can't see them. I'm still pretty proud of what we did.

  8. Readathon's the weekend of October 24th. The post about the details is here:

  9. I can't wait to see everything you come up with!


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