Monday, August 10, 2009

You likey the books? Then you clicky the links.

Hey there folks.
Padfoot and Prongs here bring you a nice short post to kick off your Mondays. If you are at all like us, you are craving a little literature in your life to make the beginning of the week move a little quicker towards Friday, so we are here to provide you with a few links that will hopefully help you push through the day! Before we get started we wanted to give you a reminder to check out all the other cool random things you can click around our blog. This is including but not limited to, past reviews, our friends over at Gelaskins, as well as our link to twitter! GBI is every where kids so don't pass up an opportunity to become evern moreee obsessed with us!! But seriously, the most important link we want you to focus on right now is our Quotes page. You can also see it right up there^ Now...we here at GBI have been doing a decent (ok kind of awful) job at updating the site with all of our favorite quotes from recent books we have tackled. However our goal is to one day have a comprehensive site where any one who has just read, or is looking to read a book can glance on up and check out some quotes, which will hopefully spark their desire to read more...
Yes that is right folks, for total domination in the literary quote world (suck it Wikipedia) we need YOUR help!! So put those highlighters to good use, and when ever you get done with your most recent novel make sure to send us a few of the passages that really touched you! We will include them in the blog (giving you credit for finding them of course) and the blogosphere will be a happier, more literary place!! Thanks so much for all of you who have helped so far!

(You can click all pictures for links as well)
Ok now lets get down to it. We promised you links and by jebus you are going to get some.
First for your reading delights we have an interesting site for you: Electric Literature. Here you can find an assortment of the most intersting new short stories, authors, and pleanty of literary goodies. Here is their description:
"We are a bi-monthly anthology of short fiction. We select stories charged with wit and emotional gravity right from the first sentence. You choose how you want to read them. We deliver content in every viable medium."

Now how great does that sound? Make sure to head on over there and subscribe today! Wonderful literary things await you!!

Next for you we have one of the funniest things we have come across in sometime. Ever sat around thought to yourself 'Why aren't my favorite classic novels in an easier to read - comic book style?' I know I have. Well fret no more fellow marauders because the day has come when this dream has reached it's reality!! That is right here you can find "(a) preview of R. Sikoryak's new book, which reimagines classic literature in the styles of well-known comics." Personal favorites...Action Camus. So which of your favorite classics is still missing from this site? Let's hear them!

Finally, incase you haven't heard we thought that we would update you on Hollywood's latest attempts to butcher classic novels. What is the victim this time? Looks like it is going to be Brave New World.
"The "Blade Runner" director is joining forces with Leonardo DiCaprio to take on one of the most highly regarded dystopian works of literature, Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World." Says an article from Reuters. Let us all keep our fingers crossed for this one folks.

Well readers that is all we have for you for today. Don't cry because there are pleanty more fun literary things to come this week. Make sure to keep an eye out for a review of both Sons and Lovers by D.H.Lawerence as well as Cat's Cradle by Vonnegut; as well as new news on the t-shirts (which we will start printing this weeeekkk!!!)
Have a happy Monday fellow marauders, and as always...


  1. Lovely collection of links, just what i needed to brighten up a dreary monday.
    I'll gather some quotes and send them your way.

  2. Thank you that would be fantastic! Feel free to leave them any where on either bog or to email us directly!

    Glad the links helped your dreary day! I know they did for us. Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. Eeek...Brave New World? Really? I'm nervous enough about what they might do to Time Traveler's Wife!

  4. Good post--and I'll add you to my subsriptions too =P

  5. Just took a look at Electric Literature's site. Seems interesting. In their current issues, Olympia and Three-Legged Dog grab me the most.

    Thanks for the news!

  6. No problem! Glad you liked the links. Yea I noticed that one as well.

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