Monday, November 1, 2010

Out of Print Monday

Hey there Marauders! Padfoot and Prongs here. Thought we would give you the gift of literary t-shirts on this fine Monday afternoon. Below you will find the selection of literary tattoos from one of our all time FAVORITE companies Out of Print clothing.
Not only do they have the most kick-ass literary shirts around, but for every sale they donate 1 book to a community in need. How cool is that?!

So what is your favorite shirt?! We want to hear your thoughts!

Happy Monday marauders!


  1. Oh my! There are so many great Ts! How to choose?.....Hmmm...
    William Buroughs "The Naked Lunch" is the Best! I love Of Mice and Men & Animal Farm, too! (the animal-ish theme! lol) I've seen the "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest" T before & think it's great.

    Seriously, these are all great.

    Wonderful post! Thank you!!
    ~ Amy

  2. Right?! There are just so many good ones to choose from. There are even more locatedon their site! (Which there is now a link to haha).

    I've already got about 5 noted for various Christmas lists.


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