Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harry Potter interview!!

Hey there Marauders!!

So as I am sure you all know 'unless you've taken refuge at the bottom of a garden pond or something similar' this month is the MONTH THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED!! That's right loyal readers, in a mere 16 days the first installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be being viewed by not only your 2 favorite bloggers, but hopefully the rest of the world as well.

Over at 25 Hour Books, our good friend Tara has been doing some magical Harry Potter related posts, including doing some interviews with bloggers on various HP topics! Below we are happy to show you the little interview we did for her! Hope you enjoy!!

p.s Caption Contest will be returning next week! Hope you all have your quote ideas ready!!

Which book is your favorite in the series? Is it also your favorite movie so far?

Prongs: Oh my god that is like picking a favorite child. I honestly could never choose although I will say my least favorite was 6. I can however pick a favorite movie. 5 hands down. I saw it in theatres 6 times.. 3 in IMAX. That’s how much I LOVED it. Everything was perfect, especially the fight scene in the end. Draco’s performance in the 6th movie almost makes me love it more. ALMOST.

Padfoot: Prongs is crazyyyyyy my favorite is 6, and 7!! I love each one more in the order they came out. Sadly, The 6th movie was so disappointing to me. I’ll go with Prongs, 5th is DEFINITELY my favorite. So angsty and wonderful. But others, I’d say definitely 4, and 2 is a good one. Gilderoy Lockhart just kills me, he’s so hilarious.

Who is your favorite character?

Prongs: Hm this is like picking another favorite child. Thankfully I would have no problem doing that if I ever had kids. My favorite character is Dumbledore handssss down. He is powerful, hilarious, and adorable. Not easy traits to pull off. A friend once asked me: if you could bring back any person in history from the dead, who would it be. With out skipping a beat I said DUMBLEDORE. Her response was… you would bring back a literary character before a real person…… Me: Obviously.

Padfoot: Definitely not Harry Potter. He’s one of my least favorite characters. He’s so whiney! It’s funny how that works, the supporting characters in stories are usually so much better than the main one. At least that’s what I’ve found…

Snape is probably my favorite, he’s such a jerk but you can help for love him/feel sorry for him. His death was the saddest part in the book for me. Also, Dumbledore obviously, and then Professor Umbridge is just too evil not to love!

What is your favorite spell?
Prongs: Haha you know I never really thought about it. I’d have to say ‘Expecto Patronum’ for a few reasons. First, the latin of the spell literally means ‘I expect or await a protector.’ That in itself is beautiful. Also, the whole point of the spell is to think of the most powerfully happy memory that you have, and this thought alone will protect you from harm. That is such a beautiful sentiment to me, and sums up many of the powerful lessons of the book.

Padfoot: Agree with Prongs on this one. Would love to have my own patronus, I think it would be a kitty cat.

Which House are you a member of?
Prongs: Gryffindor biatch!!! 10$ says Padfoot gets Slytherin. Or Hufflepuff… who the hell is in Hufflepuff any ways?

Padfoot: Oh lawdy, Prongs is right. Slytherin definitely. I find something crazy sexy about slimey, long haired angry people? Draco, Lucious, and Snape are all so HOT to me.

What is your favorite Hogwarts class?
Prongs: That’s easy. Defense against the dark arts!!! Who doesn’t want to be an auror? Besides that I think I actually would have rocked potions since I enjoy following recipes. Plus I am not scared of Snape -_-

Padfoot: History of Magic! …………..

JK. Definitely anything taught by Gilderoy Lockhart. My favorite book is Magical Me…

Will you be having or attending a Harry Potter party? (Or dressing up for the midnight premier?)

Prongs: Hmm this will all depend on my current Flu Powder situation. Padfoot and I have yet to miss a movie premier so that will absolutely be happening, however parties will depend on where we are. In the past we have both ‘party hopped’ and gone between multiple bookstores tackling kids out of our way to get to the press on scar tattoos and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. That part about tackling wasn’t a joke sadly.

Padfoot: ^ definitely want to dress up this year….


  1. Um, is it okay if I just answer the interview questions in the comments while I comment back to you guys?? I hope so, because that's the plan!! :D

    1. I agree with Padfoot that #6 is awesome! That one and #3 are definitely my favs, though #5 comes close. Having said that, I thought #6 the movie was absolutely the best so far, and I've only REALLY liked the 5th and 6th movies. The third movie was the worst. Boo! :D

    2. Favorite character - again, I agree with Padfoot! Snape. I also like Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Lockhart (but only so I can laugh at him). :D I'm not fond of Harry either.

    3. I have no idea what my fav spell would be. I want to know what that spell is to make your enemy's ear turn into kumquats.

    4. I'd either be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, but sorry Prongs I'd be one of those who would walk out if I got stuck in Gryffindor! They embody the worst of traits for me. :/ That's probably why I don't like Harry as much. My husband's a hufflepuff, and I'll just say right out that Hufflepuffs make the best husbands (loyal, loving, always giving stuff...)

    5. Fav class is potions! Not just for Snape, though that helps. :D

    6. Sadly, I've never been to an HP party...

    Great interview guys!

  2. I loved Lupin the best all through the series, and then when I got through with the seventh book, I was like, Hey. Harry's my favorite character. He's so brave and grown-up now! It was a strange realization. :p

  3. @Amanda - Hahha that's ok if you agree with Padfoot for most of them. Any answer at all about Hp is a good answer. I can't believe you never got to go to a party!! Some of our best memories are from going to the opening parties and pushing little kids out of the way.

    @Jenny - Lupin is great isn't he!? For us Harry's finally come around at the end, but it is the other characters that really made the books something to cherish.


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