Monday, September 6, 2010

The Long Lost Marauders

Hello, welcome, hola, aloha, and dobry den!!

Warning!! This is not a test!! This is an actual blog post!!! It sure has been a long time fellow marauders, but your beloved Padfoot and Prongs have finished their over due hiatus and returned to the blogosphere! After a good few months of reading, sleeping, and losing some tonsils, we are finally back and ready to blog!

To all of our past (and hopefully still current) readers... we thank you for your continued support and loyalty even when we are being horribly lazy lolcats. For all of you new readers we are so glad you have found our blog and look forward to having long in-depth literary discussions by the fireplace with all of you.

Tons of fabulous changes are in store not only for Good Books Inc., but for Padfoot and Prongs as well! In case you hadn't noticed... we have closed our Etsy shop for the time being while both ladies get settled back into school at set up shop. Have no fear because we plan on coming out with new designs and products in the very near future.

Our blog will also being recieving a few fantastic updates for you all to keep an eye out for! The return of Tattoo Tuesday will commence tomorrow as well as some new weekly features we know you are going to love. Plus all the reviews of the summertime novels that we have been pouring through.

Finally we are happy to announce that in just a little over a year we will be excitedly launching a new blog that we hope you all will participate in. The new blog will be titled:

Padfoot and Prongs in Europe!!!!

You read right marauders!! Your very own P&P will be leaving the comforts of American fast food for the exciting city of Dublin, Ireland for 7 months as well as a small back packing stint across a number of other countries. We realize this trip is a long ways away but we would love to hear from any of our international readers with advice, thoughts, and hopefully the addresses of some couches to crash on! Plus we would love any book recommendations that will get us in the mood for life across the pond! (Prongs is already dedicated to tackling Ulysseys by Joyce... wish her luck).

So now that everyone is caught up... we would love to hear from everyone and look forward to hearing from you! Make sure to check our Twitter account which we will now be posting on regularly once again.

In that spirit we will leave you with some hilarious example of a new fad: 'Twitterature'. These 'tweets' are 140 charac. summaries of classic literary novels. See if you can guess a few!

@CatholicGuilt: You know that old Italian dude who painted the picture of the smiling lady? He's the key to all of this. LOL, who would have thought?

@OedipusGothplex: Laertes is unhappy that I killed his father and sister. What a drama queen! Oh well, fight this evening.

@NotoriousHP: NM last tweet. Killed him. Something about a prophecy. Who cares? Last seven years have felt like same one, over and over.

@Dr.FrankNstein: I often think of the craziest thing I could get away with using my MD.

Until next time........


  1. AHH! So glad to see you guys again! And Europe - how awesome! :D

  2. Welcome back, guys! What places in Europe are you planning on seeing? It's a bit difficult to give recommendations without at least some specifics.

  3. Thanks guys!!! :)

    Well, we will first be in Ireland for 7 months.

    Then, we will start backpacking. Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic (mainly Prague) to name a few.

  4. Good to hear from you guys again! And what an awesome trip you have planned!! I've been to Ireland and it is a good place to spend some time. And doing the quintessential trip around Europe sounds perfect ... perfect for blogging!!!

  5. YAY!!! I'm so excited you guys are back! And woot for doing Tattoo Tuesdays again (specially since I slacked off and didn't do it this week).

    Um can I come to Ireland with you?! :)

  6. Yay! Good to see hear from you guys again!


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