Friday, September 24, 2010

Caption Contest: Week 3

Hello Marauders! Padfoot and Prongs here bringing you a BRAND SPANKING NEW weekly feature that we are sure will shock and amaze you. Ok maybe but not that, but it will be fun, we promise. Inspired by the fabulous tumblr Slaughterhouse90210 we gals over at GoodBooksInc have thought up a fun new literary game for us all to play together and we hope that every single one of you will get the urge to participate.

Here is what the end result will look like: Last Week's Winner
"All people want is someone to listen". - Hugh Elliott

This fantastic caption was submitted by Margaret !! What a perfect quote to go with that don't you think? We loved all of the submissions but this one just seemed to perfect! As a reward we will be sending Margarets her very own GoodBooksInc Bookmark!! Thanks to all that entered, we loved what you came up with. Make sure to check the previous post if you would like to see some of the other submissions.

So lets break it down. Essentially this new feature will be a weekly 'literary' caption contest participated in by you all and "refereed" by us. Each week we will provide you all with a fun and interesting photo which is in dire need of some sort of caption.
Here is where you come in. It will be your job as loyal readers and literary lovers to scour your brains, books, and Google to find a quote or passage from any novel, play, short story, essay etc. that might compliment the picture.

The rules are simple: as long as it's literary, it counts.

You can leave a comment with as many options as you like, however, we'd suggest bringing your A-game since only the very best captions will be rewarded. Also, please be sure to include the name of the work and if possible the author.

What's the reward you ask? Well depending on the week (and our budget) it will range from a virtual high five to anyone of our fabulous GoodBooksInc. items! We will announce the winner from the previous week at each new instillation of the weekly... so make sure to check back and see if your caption was picked!

Now that you understand the rules, below you will find the next picture that is in need of captioning. Like we said, anything will count... but the more clever and appropriate the quote, the better your odds are of winning! We encourage you to check out the Tumblr mentioned above to get ideas on how to be creative with this, as well as GoodReads for a huge collection of quotes from every book imaginable. Good luck and happy searching!
*Caption Needed*


  1. "Her husband seemed to her now like a person whom she had married without love as an excuse."

    The Awakening by Kate Chopin

  2. Great choice Babycakes! BTW I will be sending both of your prizes in the mail tomorrow. Sadly school weeks require me to be a horrible slacker in the mail dept so don't worry they are coming A.S.A.P!

  3. "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."

    -Dostoevsky, from "Crime and Punishment."

  4. This pic makes me think of The Great Gatsby, but I can't decide between these 2 quotes:

    "I've been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library."

    "With every word she was drawing further and further into herself, so he gave that up, and only the dead dream fought on as the afternoon slipped away, trying to touch what was no longer tangible, struggling unhappily, undespairingly, toward that lost voice across the room."
    - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

  5. @JSpeed - Well that is the beauty of the contest... you don't have to choose! We choose for you! You can submit as many quotes as your hearts desire, then we have the difficult task of choosing which we think goes best. Great selections by the way!!

  6. Exciting! can't wait for my prize, but seriously, no rush. I have to make room in my cabinet for it anyway. Like I stated before, I do love mugs! Btw, I instantly thought of The Awakening when I saw this weeks image. It's one of my very favorite books:)

  7. "...we were wonderful traveling companions but in the end no more than lonely lumps of metal in their own separate orbits."

    Haruki Murakami (Sputnik Sweetheart)

  8. Oh Alyce. I don't think I can top yours. So can I vote for hers? haha.

  9. That was a wonderful quote right!?! But don't worry Gabby I'm sure you could find one you love as much! Try trying a word into Good Reads then looking through the quotes that come up. You'd be surprised how many amazing ones there are out there to discover that would go great!!!

  10. This doesn't fit all that well, but I thought it would be funny if they were saying this :)

    "You're bound to get idears if you go on thinkin about stuff"

    -Steinbeck (The Grapes of Wrath)

    Country accent and everything, I think that would be tops haha

  11. Haha still love the submission Jason! You never know. If I am in a silly mood when we pick the winner you just fight be surprised! Thanks so much for the submission!

  12. "We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love."

    - Tom Robbins

    (Great tip about the Good Reads bank! Awesome!)

  13. That is a great one Gabby! I love Tom Robbins.

  14. Oh my gosh this is gonna be a hard week! I love all these submissions!
    @Gabby - Right!? I tend to find my own quotes for the pics and see if anyone comes up with something kind of similar and GoodReads is how I do it. So easy to find beautiful relevant quotes you might not have known!

    Only 2 days left until we announce the winner! Spread the word!

  15. "I want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me."

    F.Scott Fitzgerald

    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  16. Oh my god you guys are killing me with these submissions! How are we gonna choose!


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