Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Books Club Round Up - Month #1

Hey there marauders and book clubbers alike. Last night was the FIRST EVERY GOOD BOOKS CLUB DISCUSSION!! In case you are new too our blog, or have been living under a rock, Padfoot and Prongs have started a book club for the modern classic literary lover. Our first month we read Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night and last night we logged into the chat room for some hard core book discussing. For those of you who are interested in the discussion or maybe couldn't make the talk we will give you a few highlights:

1. We had some nice introductions and blog exchanges.
2. We all shared some of our favorite quotes/parts of the story and
discussed why they stood out among the rest.
3. We tried to maintain the formal discussion qus. that were given out but like all good book clubs, we got a bit distracted but in a good way of course.
4. Lots more discussion including what the book will be fore next month (announced at 7 pm tonight)
5. Nazi Nuggets?

Here are links to reviews of last nights discussion by the ladies that were there. Make sure to check them out they really made the 1st discussion amazing!! (As well as some links to some real champs who still read the book but couldn't make the discussion!)
This Book and I could be Friends
Strictly Letters
25 Hour Books
(If we are missing any one that has a review out there Pleaseee send us the link so we can add you too this list)
We had such a blast and it went over much more technically smooth that we had anticipated. While there were a small number of us, it really helped to focus the discussion and let every one's opinions be heard. As for t
he few that were there, they were the lucky firsts to hear about the gifts we will be giving out at that (and future) book clubs!!

Did someone say GIFTS?! We sure did. Padfoot and Prongs have decided that for each book we do, we will design and give away an accompanying MUG to one lucky participant!!
(Month 1's cup!)
Last night as a special treat we gave a mug away to any one that could make it to the discussion so congrats to the ladies who took part. For those of you who were unable to sign up this month or unable to make it last night but still read, you will still be able to get your own mug for sale on our ETSY site! We are giving a huge discount to any one who knows the 'secrete code' (GOOD BOOKS CLUB) so you won't feel as though we left you out. Like we said, each month we will have a new design and beware of the Pokemon effect.... you will want to catch them all. We hope it will be a nice way to remember the books you have read and all the great discussions you took place in!!

Before we go we just wanted to make one small note to all future participants of Good Books Inc. We really are sad that we have to keep the sign up limit to about 15 members each month, because we want EVERYONE to be able to join in. If we have to in the future we will discuss having more than one discussion time. That being said PLEASE do NOT sign up if you are not sure you are able to attend. We COMPLETLY understand that things do come up and plans change which we are more than willing to try and work around. However for the last one we had a few book clubbers who signed up then seemed to disappear. We want to give every one a chance but due to the limited amount of people, we just ask that before you sign up you are fairly-positive that you can make the chat, other wise someone who can make it might be missing out. Ok that sounds harsh and we don't mean to be!! Book love for everyone.

Alright folks that is about it for the wrap up. We had a few people request formal transcripts but unfortunatley we didn't get to save last nights. From now on in the future we will be attaching pdf files of the chats for any one that might have missed it. Make sure to stop back tonight at 7pm when we will be announcing the book for November!!! Thanks every one that read, googled, or was interested at all in the group! We are so happy to be off to a great start!

-Mischief Managed


  1. Very cool! I will be sure to come back and see what the next book up is.

  2. How great, guys! This is so cool! You too are really amazing women! I think it is just such a fabulous idea and I'm glad it went well...I knew it would :D

    I'm definitely going to buy a P&P creation! Ya! My first! Woot Woot! I will head over to Etsy now :D

    Big Hugs for you Both!

  3. Hey, where's the store????? I can't find it :(

  4. @ Rebecca. Excellent! We would love to have you. I know from your blog you would be an excellent contribitor! Don't worry what ever book we pick will be under 300 pages and a 'modern classic' Nothing that will give you a headache haha.

    @ Chic. Ahh thanks so much for the compliments! We don't deserve your love for our blog haha. I did forget to link to etsy ahh! I will admit it is NOT done yet. Padfoot will be here this weekend with the rest of the products (just totes and mugs for now) and we will finish getting every thing up so as much as we love love love you for wanting to buy, I'd have to say maybe hold off until this weekend and you can see all of our items!! Thanks again for stopping by!

  5. Loved the book and discussion!! Can't wait for the next one :)

    Tara SG

  6. I'm glad it went well ... sounds like it went smoothly considering it was the first one. Good job!

  7. I finally wrote my blog entry on MOTHER NIGHT at (it is the last entry I wrote). I can now say that I recommend watching the movie.


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