Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Books Club - Month #2

Hey there all of you literary lovers!
We here at Good Books Inc. are flat our tired of reading amazing books and then not having wonderful, thought provoking discussions after we finish. Hopefully, there are those out there who share our sadness, so as a solution to the problem we now happily present you with Good Books Club!

This will be an online book club, which shall meet once every 3 weeks ish, and will be dedicated to reading contemporary lit, and having intelligent and meaningful discussions about the chosen works. The link for the live-chat is located on the left tool bar, and on the night of your discussion you will simply log in and join the fun.

As this is a new idea, we will be working out the kinks for the first few months, but we are really looking forward to providing any one who is interested, with a wonderful fun experience that centers around all our similar love: books!! Good Book Club

Month 2:
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ray Bradbury

Summary: Jim Nightshade and William Halloway are two 13 year old boys who were born only minutes apart. Armed with the values of friendship and an undying curiosity, the boys are thrown into a magical nightmare full of danger, decisions, and the thing which all young boys crave: adventure. The smell of an approaching storm lingers in the air as a sinister carnival blows into town bringing with it carnival characters that are enough to haunt any ones nightmares. With magic carousels, deadly witches, and a dad who dreams of childhood, the ending will leave you pining for more.

Why we chose this work: Ray Bradbury's underrated novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, is a story that will bring out the childhood in any one. 'The novel combines elements of fantasy and horror, analyzing the conflicting natures of good and evil, and on how they come into play between the characters and the carnival,' making it perfect for a discussion. The setting will put you in the perfect 'fall' mood and will be a great way to send off our favorite season. On top of that Bradbury's style is full of so much poetry and passion that your highlighters will be dry by the end.

So now what:
So now that you all have the information about the book, it is time to go out and find yourself a copy! We recommended checking around used book stores (we found used copies at half-price books in Ohio for just a dollar). Once you have your copy it is time to start reading! We encourage you to mark, write, take notes, or any thing that will help you keep track of ideas or opinions you have while reading. We ask that every one participating find at least 3 of their favorite quotes and have them for the discussion date, so that we can all share our favorite parts! It would also be helpful if any one participating left comments here and there letting us know your progress, so we can adjust in the future. If a work is too hard or long it is crucial adjust lists of future books. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment on this post or e-mail us.

Things to Remember: This book discussion is open to any one and every one of all ages, places, races, and species. (If you can get your dog to join in then you get a prize!) That being said, please remember during discussions to be cautious about remarks that might be offensive to any one. Just be respectful and think before you type. No flaming or spammers, because then we will have to shut the whole thing down and no one wants that!

GBI Group Recipe: Since we all know part of the fun of having a book club is the wonderful food that every one gets to share, we though our online club should be no more the worse for not meting in person. Therefore, we will be posting a recipe each month that you can choose to make or not, but make sure to eat it on the night of discussion! That way it will kind of be like we are all sharing in the fun. If any one has any recipe ideas or submissions please e-mail us and we will have the information up for you 1 week before discussion groups.

When to meet:
All discussions will be held the 3rd Sunday every month @ 7pm EST. (So for the first month this means Nov. 15th). The limit is 15 people per book. So hurry and sign up while you can!
Just use the MisterLinky and fill out your information to be signed up for this months book! We will give you more specific details about how to log into the chat room when we get closer to the discussion date.We are so excited for this event and hope that every one of you will contribute as much as your literary love as you can, so that we can all get a wonderful unique experience with each book! Happy reading!!

Sign up for Sunday the 15th @7

How to sign up: You MUST do this so that we know you are going to be participating. Just click the Mister Linky banner below and add your name (and if you have a blog the link back to it). If for some reason it isn't working, just leave a comment with your name so that we can add it for you!


  1. Yay!! I already BookMooched a copy! Hope it gets here soon :)

  2. Oh that is a really great idea! Book mooch is a def a great resource. always has some cheap books as well that would be a great place to check for any one else.

  3. I will pass on this one, but I really can't wait to participate in a Good Books Club!! I just recently read and reviewed (aka GUSHED) about Something Wicked This Way Comes so I don't want to take the spot from someone who has yet to discover the magic :)

  4. Well if you are able to we would loveee to have you sign up for the discussion. Especially someone that enjoyed the book so much I am sure you would have a ton to contribute!

    And you are right it is such a magical book, so perfect for fall.

  5. It's going to work out this time--I know it will!

  6. Yess thats the spirit!! If for some reason it looks like 7 isn't a good time for every one we can always discuss pushing the time back or moving it forward. Def something to consider.

    Make sure to keep us updated on your progress once you get the book!

  7. Thanks for the hook-up on Goodreads. I'm going to miss this one but I'll keep trying.

  8. it sounds exciting.. too bad I'm such a flake !

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  10. Hmm having issues getting this posted...I just wanted to say Boo! I've already read this one, but you fellow readers are in for quite a treat with this one. When I first discovered this book I was blown away!! I promise you it will be an amazing adventure for all of you:)

  11. Welcome to the read-a-thon (I hope you're both still participating)! Enjoy these first few hours-they'll fly by! I'm sure you'll do great. :D

  12. Happy Read-a-Thon day! I hope you were able to find the Cincinnati start time last night. Have fun today and enjoy the wonderful books you have lined up :)

  13. I'm popping by again to cheer you on some more! If you're participating, keep up the reading! :)

  14. I just started reading SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES and am already enchanted by it three chapters in. Thank you for picking it as the book for the book club--I'm not sure I would've picked this one up otherwise. Now I'm scouting out all his other books, asking myself how I've gone this long in life having read only FAHRENHEIT 451 by Bradbury.

  15. yayy so glad you are loving it so far!!!! It really is a magical book, the perfect thing to read for fall.

    Don't forget every one, book club is right around the corner! Only about 2 weeks left until the 2nd discussion!!

  16. A link to my post on Bradbury's book:

    Putting that here made me realize I had a typo in the title ("Bradury" instead of "Bradbuy"). Oops. I'll go fix that now... (*sheepish grin*)

  17. Here's mine too:

    Great discussion!
    Thanks ladies.


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