Sunday, June 21, 2009

Future Plans

-Hello loyal readers-

Padfood here, bringing you a new segment to our beloved blog, a segment that we are very excited to share with you. From now on we would like to share with all of our readers the economic and business related steps that we will be taking towards starting our very own company 'Good Books Inc.' This week we are bringing you something that is still in the early works, but we are nonetheless excited about the entire idea. Hope you enjoy and look forward to more business related posts in the future!

Have you ever wanted to wear a shirt that made reference to your favorite novel? How about a purse with a quote from a childhood classic? Well if you are like us then you have often been frustrated at the lack of truly good literary items there are in the market. Well if this is the case then look no further!
As you may know, Prongs and I have plans to start our Publishing company "Good Books Inc." However to start a business requires money, so we have decided to use some of other artsy-fartsy talents to help us reach our overall goal of owning our own business; we have created a few designs for book-related t-shirts that we plan to sell!!
That's right, get em while they're hot!
Here are a few of the designs we have created so far, and keep in mind that these are only basic ideas... not finished products. Our hope is to start a collection of literary related paraphernalia including but not limited to t-shirts,bags, pencil pouches, book marks, etc... basically everything a true literary lover could ever dream of.
(click on any pictures to enlarge them and get the full experience)

So we have just a few questions for you, dear reader to help us hone down the final products.
  • What classic book would you like to see on a shirt?
  • Would you be more interested in classics or more current works?
  • Also would you rather see something that would be easily recognized, or would you be more interested in shirts that only another fan could understand?
  • What types of products would you be most interested in purchusing? T-Shirts, Bags, etc. etc.
If you could please respond with any type of feed back, good or bad it would be greatly appreciated. If you love the shirts wonderful, if you would never buy them in a million years... please tell us. We need to know before we have a huge pile of literary items to share amongst ourselves.

Although we have not yet made the shirts, we plan to here in the next few months, so keep a look out for examples of the finished products, and more posts about the business. Until then...

-mischief managed-


  1. Woohoo! Love the Alice In Wonderland designs. Can't wait until they are available:)

  2. Thanks baby cakes! We appreciate all the feed back we can get and we will let you all know the moment the designs/finished products are available.

  3. I just stumble into the Room of Requirement? To be honest I'm not even sure how I got here, but I'm so glad I did. Sorry I missed the scavenger hunt challenge - it looked like it would be fun.

    Now to your questions:
    What classic book would you like to see on a shirt? Lad:A Dog - that collie was great. Is it even classified as a classic?

    Would you be more interested in classics or more current works? Personally, it would just be books in general.

    Also would you rather see something that would be easily recognized, or would you be more interested in shirts that only another fan could understand? Totally & Completely - fan based. It's two fold - only another fan would get it & it is a conversation start.

    What types of products would you be most interested in purchusing? I'm a bag junkie, so bags.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I think Catch-22 would have some great fun quotes (like "You've got flies in your eyes") to do for tshirts. Also, you could probably get some good things from Jane Eyre.

  5. Thank you both for the insight! We really do appreciate any kind of comments and feed back so that we can provide the most effective products!

  6. Def like the classics. I think a all-black Poe tee might be in order..."Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary..."

  7. Ooo Poe would be a great idea. We actually are really contemplating some sort of 'Shining' tshirt so hopefully we get that up sometime soon. We are currently doin alot of reasearch on fair use codes and what copy rights have expried before we really hone down the final projects.

  8. The Great Gatsby shirt is pretty sweet.

  9. Thanks. Just curious which one did you mean. The first one is also Gatsby, but the reference might be to hard to recognize...

  10. You girls never cease to amaze me with what you are doing! I like the idea of a cool looking shirt that only another reader would understand ... but that still looked good to "regular" people. I think a mix of classics and modern would be good -- perhaps some "cult" classics of some sort. And I personally always like t-shirts that are specifically made for women -- they have wider openings in the neck and don't go up so high and aren't as long in the torso ... they just fit better. Your designs so far are really cute and attractive! Do your talents never cease!?

  11. Once upon a time I was pre-law, and if I recall correctly, anything over 72 years old is fair game.

    BTW the Peter Pan tee is AWESOME! I want one!

  12. Jenners- Thanks!! We feel the same about you, your talent for your blog seems to be never-ending! :)

    We will definitely have a good mix of modern and classics...if you have any specifics just let us know!

    Hagrid- if that piece of advice is correct, that would save us some trouble, but we are definitely going to look into everything.

    Thanks, you will definitely be able to get one someday soon!!

  13. The shirts are a great idea. I think if you worked with Megans drawing talents you'd have a really fine and original project. For instane the Guide to the Universe shirts, that whale would look great as a sketch along with the kitschy font.

    I love that the "Who is John Galt" has a femenine quality to it, because all too often philisophical/politcal themed items have a manly feel to them, with little to no design except a bold font. People seem to forget that girls can still be girls and dig Ayn Rand! And girls crave a bit of style.

  14. They all look great, but I was also a lil worried about copyright things...

    Like I know that Disney is horrible and will shut down booths at craft shows. I also know of a girl who got sued for using bottlecaps to make jewelry.

  15. Disneys bottle caps or just bottle caps in general!? That is intense either way.

    And yea we are going to try and steer very clear of all things Disney related. They have a vice grip when it comes to their copy rights.

  16. I can see something with very mysterious quotes, things that would speak to the true movie geek... anyways, great idea.. best of luck with your project!

  17. movie geek.. book geek of course!!!

  18. more atlas shrugged!

  19. tessa- I like the way you think!!! haha

    don't worry we will have more!

  20. These are fantastic! Love the "Drink me" one and "her voice was full of money" was a great quote. And of course, love the Austen.

  21. What a cool idea!

    I was a member of the Undergraduate English Counsel in college. We designed a t-shirt with the words "English: Raw and Uncensored" on the front, along with some sexy silhouettes. Then on the back, we put a list of historically banned/frequently challenged books.

    I should post a picture on my blog but I seem to be the only member of Gen Y who doesn't own a digital camera. . .

  22. Wow that sounds like a really cool idea! What do you mean silhouettes? Of fictional characters? Sounds intriguing...

  23. It was shapely females and a dandy-type dude in a top hat.

  24. Hi P & P :D I've been trying to get on your page for 2 days...having trouble loading for some reason...

    I absolutely Love, Love, LOVE these T-shirts. What a fabulous idea! I especially love the Alice in Wonderland ones. Totally cool!
    I hope you copyright them before you show them to the world...this is such a great idea and I really think you are on to something BIG!
    You two never cease to amaze and delight me!
    Have a Beautiful and Creative Day!

  25. Thanks Chic, that is really so nice to hear!

    Is there any specific book that you would like us to put on a t-shirt?

  26. I'd buy a T-shirt with Nietzsche on it. Or what about a T-shirt with the spine of the book on the back, where your spine is, and on the front the edge of the book seen from the page-edges, as if the book is projecting into your body...

  27. Don't mean to be a stickler but there should be an apostrophe in "c'est" and "qu'on" for The Little Prince shirt

  28. How about some poetry? I think The Highwayman or The Lady of Shalott (sp?) might have some cool images - and yes, I just watched the Anne of Green Gables miniseries again. =)

  29. Also - I love this idea. Can't wait to buy some. Please offer plus sizes - it's hard to find cool t-shirts in bigger sizes!


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