Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Future Plans Pt2.

(Catch-22 Design)
Hey there readers. Padfoot and Prongs here bringing you a bit of an update on the T-Shirts that introduced last week. Thank you so much to everyone for all of the support that you have already shown, just in the beginning stages of our project. It is encouraging to us that so many of you show an interest in our designs and we hope that the final products live up to the hype.
That being said, we have actually begun the printing process and hope to have shirts for sale by the end of the month!!!!
We are so excited that our idea is becoming a reality.
Before we pump out the final designs/products we once again want to hear from our readers about some of the things they would like to see most from a literary item. We have taken all of your comments to heart and are trying our best to encorporte things that not only we enjoy, but you all enjoy as well. So put on your thinking caps, or just jot down a few of your favorite literary quotes/images and let us know. It will go a long way in the final outcome of the items.

The other new and exciting thing we have to share with you can be found just to the right of your screen. --------> Look this way and scroll down
You might notice we have a new link up on our
blog for the site GelaSkins. We have said numerous times that this site is for our enjoyment first and foremost, and we have no real intention of selling out (a.k.a making posts or supporting things that we do not believe in). That being said, we do however have huge support for this site that we have posted. It is a business that is comprised of 'skins' for your phones, ipods, computers and more. Not only are these some of the coolest designs we hav ever seen, but they even have a few literary ones to boot. (Hunter S. Thompson and Vonnegut fans be sure to take a good look around.)
We hope that you will all find some time to check out that site and the really amazing designs they have there, since we are proud to now be affiliated with the company.

Thats all that we have for you now folks. Be sure to look for even more updates to come since we will have the first round of designs done soon. Also look for a review of Tender is The Night by Prongs later this week.


  1. You guys are like Martha Stewart only a gazillion times better! Very cool! I'm so proud of you two!
    Love everything you guys are doing :D

    Okay, Lady Tycoons....go for it! LOL

  2. Brilliant! I found one that I want for my laptop:)

  3. Well baby cakes if you order it just make sure you go through our site that way we get some props!

  4. Tender is the Night -- that's ole Fitzy isn't it? Interesting, I'm just about done with "This Side of Paradise" and was planning on doing a review at You probably know, but it's Fitz's first book. Very revealing as to the foundations of his later work. But, I must admit, writing is hit and miss. I'll give him slack though, he was only 23 when he wrote it.

  5. Yes I think at the tender age of 23 we can cut him a bit of slack. When I hear that awhile ago when I was doing a bit of research on him I was pretty blown away by that fact. It makes me feel horrible that going on 21 all I have to show for myself is a few short stories. Oh well, more to aspire to I guess. I am looking forward to reading your review on 'This Side' because I will have Tender is the Night up soon, which was his last book. It will be a nice compare and contrast to see how far he really went as a writer.

  6. Have you studied Fitz extensively? The whole "Lost Generation" is my favorite era of authors.

  7. I will definitely make sure you girls get props;0)

  8. Thanks baby cakes we appreciate it. We plan to remain an ad-free site but this is just one business we couldn't deny. I can't wait to order the Hunter S. one...or possibly 5 more haha.

  9. Good luck guys. If you ever make a Bukowski jumptsuit, make sure you keep one for me!


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