Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prongs - Second Review - The Culture of Fear

Ok so it has taken us awhile to get post. Sorry for the lack of updates guys... We hope to be more persistent about posting in the future. So with out further is Prongs review of Culture of Fear. Enjoy and please comment so we can talk some bookkss.

The Culture of Fear
By: Barry Glassner

Just recently I finished up the book 'The Culture of Fear' by Barry Glassner. As is stated on the cover, it was briefly mentioned in the movie 'Bowling for Columbine' by Michael Moore. This book is mostly an anthology dedicated to proving to the average American that their constant fears about the world around them are built on unstable grounds. Glassner explains to us that a social fear of road rage, plane crashes, blacks, drugs and even mothers is all due to the misdirection of the media to take our mind off of bigger problems.

Overall I was impressed by the pace and information that the book provides. You move through chapter by chapter feeling both empowered by the knowledge you are acquiring, yet powerless because you, like every one else have fallen pray to the mercy to the bias of the mass media corporations . Glassner provides very specific and researched examples of very common occurrences that rank fairly high up on America's list of most feared...and then eloquently and swiftly tells you exactly why you are wrong in fearing them.

This book begs the question what is it within our own psyche that makes us so ready to believe the worst in others. After watching just one hour of the 6 oclock news, mothers are terrified of letting their children be turned loose into the world with all of the pedophiles, sadists and drug dealers. So instead of investigating the real cause of our misguided fears, we send children out into society after they have been thourougly enduced with Ridilin, trips to the therapist, and a cold dinner provided via child support. What is the real problem here, and where do all of the other problems stem from? These are the types of questions that Glassner feels are pressing for all American's to ask themselves before popping another Xanax to calm our-ever growing nerves.

I think I would have been blown away by this book if it was not for one platform that Glassner seemed hellbent on forcing the reader into believing. Guns. While some instances definitely warrant a call from the local NRA to remind the owner of existing laws.... I would have to say any one that is a fan of the 2nd amendment might find Glassner's constant return to his hatred of guns to be frankly ridiculous. I can't say that I'm surprised that Michael Moore was a fan....I was how ever surprised by just how much of a fan that I was at the end.

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  1. As a constant worrier about ridiculous things, I'll be giving this book a read. For sure. Hopefully it can make me feel like so much of an idiot that I'll rethink the many things I fret about. =)


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