Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prongs 24th Review - Sharp Teeth

Hey there Marauders. Prong here bringing you a review of a book that we at P&P have become very excited about. This review is coming off the heels of October, the perfect time for interesting, page-turning, thrillers. Marlow’s book is exactly the perfect kind of read for this time of the year, when the leaves are changing, the days shortening, and the winds changing.
This book is worth the purchase just for the ‘bonus features’ alone. There are interviews with the author, a complete cast of characters, and even a play-list from Marlow himself that is meant to accompany his writing. He gets serious bonus points for making sure the reader is involved as possible with his story, as if I needed extra incentive.
Now since is not your average book, I thought it would only be fitting to write a not-average review. His first work, Sharp Teeth, is told in the style of an epic poem, using free verse, and I thought it might be fun to try and recreate his style in homage to his current opus. Hopefully this review doesn’t end up being something for the dogs. Also make sure you check out the quotes for this book, as I almost ran out of highlighter ink trying to keep up with his beautiful inscriptions. Enjoy!

" He knows that it’s impossible to tell a wolf
from a man if
he keeps his chin up
and his teeth clean."

Sharp Teeth

As fall settles in this year
into your hollow bones, your candy-coated stomach
you like most will make your way
to that dusty section of your bookshelves
that holds those selections
best fit to get your blood pumping
the way only a truly scary story
can do.
Next time this happens, that feeling
gnaws and nips at your imagination,
and you begin playing
ennie-meenie-miney-mo with those classic tales
of monsters
of men
of all things ‘frightening’
consider picking up a copy of Sharp Teeth.

Actually; don’t consider. Just do.

What more could you want from a story
that tells of LA’s seedy underbelly
the love, the lust, the drug fueled
ambition of hungry beasts
thirsting for their place on the mean streets
and looking for a pack
to call their own.
An ancient race werewolves brought to the 21st century,
in a way that would make Stephanie Meyer
eat her own words for dinner,
at the sheer superiority
of his ingenuity,
his wit,
his style.

One thing is for sure, these wolves
do not sparkle in the LA sun.

Marlow pulls at the literary leash
that reins and reels all us readers in
with his epic free verse,
leading you from page to page
leaving a trail of drool across the pages
that has the faintest hint of
wet dog.
It is a Romeo and Juliet story
for the 21st century
or maybe the 12th.
The transformative power of his writing
kicks ass across all centuries.

Brew some coffee, or maybe
topping it up with a fifth of that
liquid gold
to sit back and enjoy
Marlow’s book that grips, and rips
and shreds your innocent mind to pieces
with its cutting words
and ravenous appetite.
Showing the best, and the worst
that man and his best friend
have to offer.

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