Monday, October 11, 2010

Seeking: Literary Magazine Submissions

Hey guys, Prongs here. Some of you might already know this but I am currently a publishing major at Ohio University. As part of one of my senior class I am starting up a new literary magazine called 'Branded.' The idea of the magazine is to get submissions be it prose, poetry, non-fiction, anything writing to do with tattoos, the art of tattooing, or body modification. If it is about a literary tattoo you get bonus points.
Even if you are tattoo-less and have an idea for a fictional work regarding tattoos, or if you are a tattoo artist who just wants to talk about your experiences... I want to hear from you!
Also, I wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in having their artwork or tattoo photos published in the zine. As this will be the first issue I still don't have a pinpoint on what I want, but as I have loved almost every tattoo posted here I would love to see them all!

If any one is interested in submitting a piece or a photo or if you have qu's PLEASEEE contact me at There is no due date but I am hoping to wrap this all up by the end of Nov so the sooner the better.

I would appreciate this more than you guys know, and it will be pretty exciting to see it all come together! Until then, I will be keeping everyone updated!!

Thanks again guys. Read and rock on

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