Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey our blog is looking pretty empty and lonely isn't it? Well we are here to update you on our lives.

I (Padfoot) just got done reading Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief (anybody else read it? Thoughts?) and am currently reading Perfume: Story of a Murderer.

My next two books will probably be Dune, and then The Illuminatus Triology.

Between looking for apartments, working, and going to school, we are not sure if we will get any reviews out there soon, but we will be up and running as soon as we can be :).

Until then...we invite you to look at
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Sorry for the short update...but we are needy for at least a little bit of attention. We miss you all, and will be back in the swing of things here soon!


  1. Hi, I'm sorry I missed the last GBC session. I should've notified you beforehand that I wasn't going to make it. Anyway, can you tell me what book has been chosen for our next meeting?

  2. Hi Guys! I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages as I didn't really do the Battle of the Bards. : )

  3. Hey guys! Thanks so much for responding. We have missed you all as well!!

    Fay - There has been no time/book picked for the next meeting. We feel bad that it has been so speratic, but the past few months we have been either out of town/busy during the weeks that the meetings would fall under. However we are working hard on some new ideas/ ways to make it more certain. We will be sure to let you know when we announce the new book.

  4. Hey ladies!

    Padfoot - I read The Lightning Thief, and while I enjoyed it, I found it a little "young" (?) for my tastes. I'll continue reading the series and see if that feeling goes away as he ages. I really do like the mythology aspect of the book, though! Good stuff.

    I hope you guys are doing well, and don't forget to let us know when The Battle of the Bards will resume!!

    Currently reading: East of Eden. Loving it.

  5. Hey Gabby!! I am a mythology lover, so that's what got me interested in Percy Jackson. Honestly though...I didn't really enjoy it like I thought I would. The first 100 pages felt like a Harry Potter ripoff. The rest of it was, decent? But not something I'm interested in continuing. It was in no way a terrible book, just not what I hoped for.

    Thanks for waiting so patiently :) We are working on bringing back the good ol' BoB as we speak!

    Good...let us know what you think of it when you finish :)

  6. I've read all the Percy Jackson books. They're great for those times when you really don't want to think or be challenged. Kids love them. If I were a teacher, I'd teach them as a way to introduce people to Greek and Roman mythology. I loved that stuff when I was a kid.

    You better love Dune. If you don't, I'll have to stop reading your blog.

  7. Being a Classics (Ancient Greek) major, I adore Greek myth, but I didn't really get into the Percy Jackson book. I finished it, and I can see how other people would like it, but I don't feel the need to read the others. Maybe I'm just in a reading funk haha.

    Ok now you've put pressure on me....I'm sure I'll love Dune!

  8. i wanna read percy jackson and the lightning thief x

  9. i just bought the first book of the series and so far so good but it's really neat that you're so into hp. i love everything about the series. and i really though you would like this.

  10. Woah that is awesome Tori!!!!

    We love everything about the series too...

    and the trailer just came out for the new movie!! Once we get back into the blog (here soon) we can make a harry potter post :)

  11. just dropping by to say hello. also there is a giveaway on my blog that you may be interested in xx


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