Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Battle of the Bards UPDATE

Hear Ye Hear Ye: Battle of the Bards Announcement!!!

Hey there marauders and Battle of the Bards players. Padfoot and Prongs here giving you a quick update on the status of Battle of the Bards.

First off we want to think each and every one of you who have participated by playing at home, commenting, and voting thus far. The event is going 10xs b
etter than we imagined it would on the random day we up and decided to do this. So once again a big Shakespearean hug to all of you!!!

Secondly, it is currently mid-terms week for all of us who have yet to join the real world.... This being said B.O.B posts will be taking a brief hiatus while P&P attempt to not bring disgrace upon our households.

This will give you some time to catch your breath, gather your friends, and come out swinging for the next battle:

Hamlet vs. Othello
when B.O.B resumes bright and early on Friday the 18th. Until then, take some time to read though some of the older battles, brush up on future ones, and be sure to sign up for the Good Books Club which will be a big help to the Hamlet post. Remember you can earn an EXTRA POINT just for signing up!

Hey there Padfoot... did someone say points? Yes Prongs, I believe they did!!! Speaking of points.... now that we are already 5 battles into the game, we thought we would announce some of the top contenders of our at home game thus far. Don't worry if you don'
t see your name folks. There is aplenty of time to turn the whole game around, just make sure to get out there and VOTE!!

1.) Greg - 5pts
2.) Brandy Lee - 5pts
3.) Trisha - 5pts

4.) Elizabeth -5 pts
5.) Jenn C. - 5 pts
6.) Tara - 5 pts.
7.) Gabrielle - 5 pts

Those are the at home players who so far have played a perfect game. Can they
keep up with the pressure, or will a long shot come out of no where and take the lead?

Alright folks there you have it. Every one else is playing a wonderful game, much to early to give up hope. Don't forget that after the 1st tier of battles are over, the second tier answers will be worth 2 points. Make sure to check back with us on Monday for the next installment of the Battle of the Bards, as well as for any other posts that may turn up before then.

If you are craving a little bit of P&P on a more day to day basis... feel free to check out our kind of daily updated tumblr. More literary stuff as per usual, just something to help you get your P&P fix.


  1. Yay! I'm in the top! I'm glad you guys are getting a good response!

  2. OTHELLO. Othello. I am excited for this battle to start because I really want OTHELLO to win. Not Hamlet. Grrrrr, down with Hamlet!

  3. Woohoo! So far, so good. I'm in it to win baby!

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  5. resuming soon? Did your campus get the snow?

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