Monday, November 30, 2009

Presenting!! The Official Good Books Inc. Store!!

Hey there marauders! It has been quite awhile since we have been up to any mischief hasn't it? We know there are no excuses for leaving our loyal followers in the dark so the only reasons we can give you are that we just absolutely suck with time management these days. With finals, food comas, and starting our own business, life has been hectic beyond comprehension and some of our treasured loves (the blogosphere) have somehow fallen by the wayside.
Hopefully you will all be happy to hear that Padfoot and Prongs are back and ready to review, post, comment, and continue on with all the fabulous book chat there is out there to be had!!!

But most importantly we are so proud to announce to you the official opening of the Good Books Inc. Store!! This dream of ours has been in talk for many long months and we have worked tierlessly to bring you the best designs and products that we could produce. We are so excited to finally be sharing with all of our loyal bloggers what we have been up to and we hope you will love everything just as much as we do! Without all of you we never would have been inspired to begin this journey!
Our products are all built around our lover for literature and featrue some of the most popular works out there along with original literary designs of our own. Perfect for the literature lover in your life, Good Books Inc. provides literary parephanelia that you can't find anywhere else!

Check out all that we have available now and be sure to check back in the future for more designs, products, sales and of course literary love! We can't wait to continue to add to the collection we have started so far. There will be constant updates of new products so be sure to bookmark us and check back reguarly!
So check out the shop and make sure to tell any of your literary friends.
As always we welcome and hope for your feedback, comments, criticism and compliments. Any opinions you have for us will help in our future designs so don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Thanks so much again to every one who has stuck around listening to our constant promises and announcments. We hope the wait has paid off. Make sure to check back later this week for more reviews, book club information and of course more of your favorite marauders!!

-mischief FINALLY managed-


  1. Nice! You can definitely count me as a customer! I love EVERYTHING. :D

  2. Thanks so much! We are glad to hear that you enjoy it!! Make sure to keep checking back as we will be constantly puting up new designs and products!

  3. Excellent! I will be spreading the link around to all of my friends. You girls rock in all kinds of ways!!

  4. More like you rock! We really really appreciate any word of mouth that you guys give out! Make sure if they buy any thing they let us know who sent them so we can try to reward our faithful followers!

  5. Congratulations! it looks awesome... Cheers girls!


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