Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Winner

The Scavenger Hunt is officially closed!!!

Our winner is the lovely Jenners at Find Your Next Book Here!! She has done such an amazing job with the challenges, and has even provided a new challenge for her readers, and it sounds incredibly creative and fun!
Now, what has Jenner won, you ask? A $25 dollar purchase on, some random paperbacks put together by us, and a few other accessories. Sounds good to the ears, no?

If you have not stopped by her site, which is an awesome one by the way, do so here.

And if you did not have time for this challenge, never fear, we will be doing these more often, so keep on the look out! Also, soon we will have the Lit Fest post up...we promise; and it will be very good...we have some awesome recommendations for you fabulous readers.

Until next time....

~Mischief Managed~


  1. Congrats to Jennifer! She did such an amazing job! I couldn't keep up with her! Great scavenger hunt. I hope to do one again with you. :)

  2. Woo Hoo!! When I saw your e-mail, I was over the moon!!! I'm so excited! Seriously, I had the best time doing this ... it was a blast! As you know, I'm going to keep it going with my own challenge. You girls totally rock ... and I'll be in touch soon with my book choices. Decisions, decisions....I'll try not to agonize for too long over it! : )

  3. You did awesome as well Rebecca!!

    Yea, have fun picking out your prize Jenners :D!

  4. So how can I contact you guys via e-mail? Can you e-mail me and let me know how you want to work this exactly? I was thinking I might get some books for my Kindle ... I could download them myself if you give me a gift card number or something ... that will save on shipping hopefully! I found 3 that come out to $24.37. Let me know .. I couldn't find an e-mail address for you guys!

  5. Here is a competition you might be interested in... Poundland: The 'Novel'

  6. Congrats to Jenners! What a fun contest!
    Happy Reading!

  7. Hello! Why no posts lately? Is school out-out :) Hope your summers are going well. Perhaps you could check back into my blog, which has gone through a serious metamorphoses:

    any feedback would be great!

  8. HELLO!!!! Well I just moved back to my hometown and am settling in, while Prongs is just recovering from mono, and is about to be back home as well. We have been terrible about blogging lately but I promise here soon we will have SOMETHING up. And yea we will definitely check out the site :)

  9. Responding back to Padfoot's e-mail today ... I did send someone an e-mail a while back. I did resend tonight as well. I was hoping I could just get a gift certificate number or something so I can get some Kindle books if that would work for you. No rush or anything. I know the end of school and sickness has been taking up your time!!!! ; )

  10. I'd like to borrow some of the tasks from the challenge to use in our school's own reading challenge this summer, but I'd like your permission before doing so. Please contact me at


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