Saturday, March 7, 2009

Contest Ended - Winner Announced 3/9/09

First off, we would like to thank everyone for signing up for the book giveaway. We have gotten many responses, and we could not be happier that so many people are interested in these 2 amazing books. The contest ended as of 8pm tonight and we will be announcing the winner bright and early in a new post tomorrow. For those of you who do not end up victorious, wipe your teary eyes, because we will be doing another give away some time in the future so there will be more chances to come out a winner.
We just wanted to truly thank everyone again for the interest and we hope that you will be back to visit our blog even when the contest is over. It will always be enough to know how much we each love literature, but its a very wonderful feeling to know that there are so many others like us out there that share the same passion we do.

Winner Announced:
Once again thanks for entering folks. Here are the results. Make sure to respond to this comment to claim your prize!!

Islands in the Stream:
#9 Marta

American Psycho:
#36 Kalea_Kane

-mischief managed-


  1. No FREAKING WAY!!!!!! I entered a lot of giveaways and American Psycho and Speak were the ones I was really crossing my fingers for (and eyes)! THANK YOU SOOOOO much!

    Need my email? kalea_kane(at)yahoo(dot)com or enroutetolife(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Well we couldn't be happier that you are happy about it haha! Thanks so much for entering. We are happy to reward you baha.

  3. P.s I sent the notice out to your g-mail account.

  4. Thank you so much again! I sent my address to you! :)

  5. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  6. Yay, saw your previous blog and you got a ton of replies, that is so cool! Looks like we'll be seeing more of these contests, huh? :)

    Hahaha, that is a cute and funny photo! :)

  7. Thanks Chic!

    HalfCrazy- thank you, we are really happy we got so many!!! And there will definitely be many contests to come :).


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