Monday, February 23, 2009

Its a Contest!

Attention Attention!
New Challenge

Hey readers.
Padfoot and Prongs here bringing you our very first contest (and the crowd goes wild). We have been cruising blogger for a couple months now and have decided that its time we make a game of our own for all of your literary liaisons. Our challenge is a bit different from some of the other ones out there. It is not dedicated to reading, but instead to literature in general. Please feel free to check it out and get involved. You do not need a blog to participate, just a competitive spirit and a desire to learn and grow. We hope you all enjoy the contest and we look forward to giving out the prize at the end of March.

See the rules for the contest and sign up

Thats all we have for you folks for now. We hope to have a few new reviews up by the end of the week along with a couple other random posts of interesting links. We have been really impressed with the book blogs that we have seen around so keep up the great works folks!
-mischief managed-

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