Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh hay world hay!
A little about ourselves: Welcome to the blogspot of Padfoot and Prongs...or more formally known as Megan and Sara. We are using the Pseudonyms of Padfoot and Prongs because we love Harry Potter, and alliteration. We are here to share our love of reading any good literature. We made this site to support the publishing company we are looking forward to starting and our love for books. On our blog you can read our reviews about books we’ve read, any current book news we feel like posting, or anything completely random about books and our lives.
Padfoot. My name is Megan, I love anything with pages, and I love the feel, touch, smell, and taste of books. I would push it through a needle and inject it into my veins like a filthy addict if I knew that would actually work.
"Prongs. My real name is Sara but Prongs fits me better. It's also the name I use when I beat people down in poker. I have an intense love of anything literary. All of my current and future pets/children will have literary names. I am currently majoring in Photojournalism at a sweet college somwhere in the MidWest but I hope to also persue my love of reading and turn it into a bangin job.

Feel free to be our subscribed readers and friends; and most importantly, lets talk books. Lots and lots of books!!

Padfoot and Prongs

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  1. Hey, nice blog you have here.. I like books and reading.. Good luck!


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